When we are fishing, hunting, or hiking, we definitely prefer hands-free lighting so we can keep doing what we love when the sun goes down. Headlamps are useful, but the headband can get tight and annoying over time. So we created lighted boots and gaiters that kept bugs away from our faces in the summer and our breath from fogging up the light in the winter. We also wanted light right at our feet. With the trails nicely lit up, we blaze through the woods confidently without worrying tripping over unseen obstacles on the ground.

As we developed and designed our products, we created NighHawk Footwear in 2019. In addition to adding convenience and comfort to hands-free lighting, our goal was to make innovative gear that offered protection and safety for everyone who enjoyed the outdoors as much as we did. As our product line continued to expand, we rebranded ourselves as NightHawk Pro Gear in 2024. From expert hunters to state official personnels, we cannot be happier to see our gear being used by professionals in various fields.

Meet the NightHawks

I have always loved adventure. When I was younger, I spent much of my time exploring the vast wonders of nature and discovering the beauty of this world. I served in the U.S. Army as a helicopter crew chief and a tour in Afghanistan in 2001 on Blackhawk helicopters. I continue, to this day, working in the aviation industry and have been busy traveling overseas in different parts of the globe. I don’t spend as much time outdoors these days, but it brings back fond memories and a smile to my face whenever I do. I take every chance I can get to share those great outdoors experiences with my son, as we get to create those memories together and pass on the many wonderful times to families and friends.
— J.R.
From an early age, I remember weekend camping trips in our pop-up camper nestled in its camping spot at the lake. We would camp, play games, swim, and fish. As I grew older, I took up hunting as well. I remember the vivid memories (like yesterday) of that first fish caught, that first squirrel on the ground, and my first deer taken. I have always loved the outdoors and envisioned one day to create something that would enhance my love of the outdoors. Spending more time in the woods, on the lake, or around the campfire exemplifies it all. I hope our next generations to come learn to utilize, love, respect, and protect the lands that provide us with this privilege.
— Jason
With a busy schedule, it has become increasingly difficult to find leisure time for hiking and camping. I remember back in the days when we would frequently pack our gear and head to the mountains. We would grab enough food supply and map out our routes up on the Appalachian Trail. Hiking multiple miles daily up and down hills was surely no easy task, but nothing beat being close to nature and having the opportunity to temporarily escape from civilization. I may not be able to escape nowadays, but I surely would take every opportunity to pack up my daypack and enjoy spending some R and R time with my family.
— John


We strive to develop innovative products that add safety and protection to the fun and excitement of being outdoors.


With our partners, products, and customers at our core, our culture is driven by respect and honesty. We value innovation, creativity, resourcefulness, and seeking adventure. Being respectful and honest to our partners, friends, and customers, we aim to build and foster trust in our community.